Story behind Tooth Worm

There had been a perception that toothache would occur due to tooth worm. It was thought to be the worm that would eat away tooth from inside out. Now, modern-day dentistry has proved that there no such thing as a dental worm. It is actually the infected pulp which looks remarkably similar to a worm when it is exposed due to tooth erosion. With the help of microscope, dentists were able to have a close look at tooth pulp. They also discovered hollow tubes in the tooth’s dentin. When this tooth structure gets infected, it gives a look that of a worm.

Dentin tubules

The major purpose of tubules is to let the hot or cold temperature travel through the dentin to reach the nerves inside the tooth. However, it is required only at a small extent. When the tooth enamel suffers from erosion, the dentin is exposed. As a result, the tooth starts suffering from a condition which is known as hypersensitivity.

Reason for dental disease

It is a proven fact that toothache is usually caused by dental caries which tend to occur due to tooth decay, plaque and tartar. Plaque formation is usually the result of bacteria buildup on the tooth’s surface. These bacteria excrete acids which can cause enamel erosion, leading to the exposure of dentin. The exposure of dentin can lead to exposure of tooth pulp which consists of nerves and vessels of tooth. This dental disease can also result in gum disease which is caused by irritation of gums. The situation gets worse when this problem is converted into periodontitis.

Treatment of dental caries

The first thing you will need to forget about, while going for the treatment of dental caries, is the concept of dental worms. You will need to get appointment from your dentist. The dentist will decide if you need restorative dentistry in order to get the cavity treated. The treatment may involve following steps.

  • Cleaning of decayed area and dental filling after cleaning.
  • Capping of pulp in order to save it from dying.
  • In case the pulp is infected, root canal may be performed to clean the internal structure of tooth.

If the tooth cannot be saved due to severe breakage or decay, the dentist may decide to extract the tooth and insert and implant or bridge to fill the gap of extracted tooth.

Maintaining oral health

Remember, maintaining the health of oral cavity is the first and foremost thing you need to consider. For this purpose, you have to make sure that you are brushing and flossing your teeth on regular basis. Moreover, you have to visit your dentist twice in every year. These dental visits are going to save you from a lot of oral health problems.


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